There is great value in our Sunday gatherings for worship, teaching and Holy Communion, but for deeper discipleship to be nurtured we need personal interaction in a close relational context.  For us in Christ Church the place where the vital ingredients of Christian discipleship are most intentionally fostered is via the numerous small groups that meet weekly and bi-weekly, generally in the homes of our parishioners.
These groups each have a distinct flavour, focus and demographic identity, and this enables people to find the right “fit”. Their general purpose is to foster authentic and supportive relationships, to grapple personally and practically with the implications of Christian discipleship and to create an environment where we can begin to engage with the mission and ministry of Jesus on a manageable and “safe” scale. Many of them also include shared meals and other social and fun activities.
The real business of belonging and life formation happens in the small groups and, without this ingredient, key elements of what it means to be a Christian will be stunted. For this reason we warmly encourage all our members to participate in a Christ Church group and direct much of our teaching and engagement in the ministry of Jesus into and through our groups.

Groups are run by members of the church and often meet in the home of one of the members.  We have many different groups - adult, young adult, women's, men's, intergenerational and a mom's group

How do I find a group?

  • If you would like help finding a suitable group, contact Claire, or phone her at the office on 021 797-6332. Claire will be happy to offer a couple of suggested groups to visit.
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