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Task Force
22 - Feb Minutes

>>>Task Force<<<

What Worked:

Aprons worked
fairy lights
people sat down.

What Didn't:
service time with wraps...
milkshakes were mad

candles on the tables
more people on service duty in the kitchen...

Group 1:
Prayer - before prayer at 6pm

Group 2:
tables outside

Group 3:
money - float from denny
shopping - effective (was very accurate luckily)
Prep time - be there from 5.30 (need proper utilities)
cooking time - cook before service.

Minutes summary:
Discussed feedback, nominate feedback person? Have a multiple choice form. group 1 design form. Topics for colour coded prayer: (as you arrive, hand out 5 diff. colours for congregation to pray communally per colour. Get people to pray together. Keep prayer topics localised.) Feedback paper printed on colour paper for prayer? Paper to big? The Aprons worked well, have a service "vibe". Signposts worked well. Does jeremy want tf to pray for people? Youth much more visible than we were. Tf were in view with aprons. Call for more people to stand up front. No music this time. Candles on tables, tealights? fairy lights worked well (pretty). Fire worked well. Live music the following week with Jono acoustic. Noted that amplified music may irritate neighbours and that CC tries to not amplify after 8.30 esp. outside. Free marsh-mellows? Since people just chowed marshmwellows, either offer them free or a 'donation' for them. Get tf to walk around with free marshmellows (10-15) on a stick... fire cost gets taken from kitchen profit. Main objective is for the tf to set up a regular occurence and a model for the 7pm... Speak to sarah Thomas about easy recipes? Hotdogs, with great sauces? Dan. Phone Jeremy J for a float from Denny. Need better jugs to help with the pouring milkshakes. Change flavours? Chocolate is a must but strawberry hardly sold... Coffee shakes? Hot dogs this sunday. Boil viennas, nice onion mix sauce, crispy rolls. Tf should sit at the back, since they disturbed the congregation during the sermon. Offer: Bring a new person, get a milkshake free... Get some ambies to help with the prayer. Liv will sort out the advert for the powerpoint.

Stephen Hofmeyr 22/02/2011 21:10