Young Adults Weekend                                                              
It was a few weekends ago that young adults (18-35yr olds) from across St. John’s Parish spent time together at Bridges Retreat Centre in Franschhoek.  The weekend was lead by Craig Stewart and Rene August from the Warehouse. This idea for this time came out of a desire to see the churches of St. John’s Parish forming a closer relationship and teams that can be transformative and pioneering in the church of South Africa.

Our theme ‘Imagine We…” came from our discussion around how we go about living out a gospel centred life in the current context of South Africa where we feel the church has often failed to provide a safe and inspiring place for this to happen. Our discussions over the weekend focussed around the questions we had, and if answered, would help us live a more faithful life. Questions like: Where is God calling me to position myself geographically? How do I best serve in a complex city? What does authentic community look like? How do I open myself up to be challenged by God without risking the safety and security of my family? The easy questions you know. What was highlighted was that underpinning most of these questions was a profound sense of fear. Fear that a gospel centred life might mean sacrificing safety and security, that we may need to give up our comforts to better serve God and our community. But, more importantly a fear that our image of Jesus and the way we have been taught about Him might fail us. For some people to truly imagine a church that is Christ-centred, authentic and transformative would mean breaking down the lovely, easy and comfortable versions of Jesus, to build an image of the counter-cultural, rule-breaking, status defying Jesus, whose mission was not to make people feel safe, but to bring the transformation that comes with knowing Him.

It was incredible to see friendships growing and for those on the weekend to use the space to be vulnerable and ready to grapple with these questions. The Holy Spirit moved in powerful ways through worship, prayer and conversations. There was a profound sense of hope as we left the weekend. You can continue to pray for the fruits of this weekend. There is a move to doing more as young (and not so young) adults from across Cape Town. May this be an invitation to you all to join the conversation and be part of discipleship and friendship that could transform our city.

- Cath Baytopp

Taryn Galloway, 18/05/2018


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