Dear Christ Church,
 Looking back
I can’t believe that this is my last Sunday at CCK in my role to date and that next week I begin a whole new chapter.
For those who have been away for announcements, I am going to be focusing four days a week on the development of 'More Than Peace' and supporting the training and development of pioneers at the St John’s Leadership Academy led by Rev Duncan McLea and Keegan Davids one day a week.
More Than Peace was founded in 2015 through The South African Christian Leaders Initiative (, alongside partners Christ Church Kenilworth, The Warehouse Trust and The Mennonite Central Committee. We are a coalition representing various like-minded churches and organisations, mandated to work towards the establishment of peace and social justice in our nation.
Some of you have been actively involved in pioneering this initiative alongside our mediator team as Peace Justice Witnesses (PJWs) and intercessors.
PJWs are trained as impartial observers and deployed into protest and conflict situations to help diffuse tensions and provide a third-party witness to the tensions and behaviour of the parties involved. CCK PJWs have been deployed at UCT since #FeesMustFall 2016 protests. 
Additionally, CCK has been committed to praying for the resolution of the University crises and for the witness that God has called us to be as peace-builders, justice seekers and ministers of reconciliation.
In our January 2018 More Than Peaces Update, we share our journey and reflections on the South African context together with our vision as a coalition. 
Please take a look and consider how you might like to get involved? This work of conflict transformation needs to be rooted in prayer and discernment and invested in financially for the short, medium and long term. Here is our January Update
Following a wonderful evening sharing the vision and journey of More Than Peace so far with guests Prof John Volmink (CPUT Acting VC Oct 2016-June 2017) and Derek Ronnie (MTP Mediator), we are hosting another event on Thursday 15th February, 7pm-9pm, Venue: TBC. Please RSVP here.
Looking ahead
As I passed through passport control at Heathrow last week on return to South Africa, a lady who was next to me in the queue asked, ‘Are you travelling to Cape Town?’ 
I was quite surprised as she had no way of knowing. ‘Yes!’, I said. ‘Wonderful,’ said she, ‘would you mind if I followed you?’
I was even more surprised by her request and as we walked together she explained that she has only ever flown with a family member before and that she felt very fearful travelling alone.
As we walked through Duty Free, she asked me what she should expect next. I took her to the Departure screens and we located the flight. I explained how the Gate No. would be posted an hour before take off and that then she could proceed to the boarding area.
I got her settled and we said we’d see each other at the gate.
When I got there, I couldn’t see her. I boarded the plane only to discover that we were sitting in the same row either side of the aisle!
She seemed overjoyed to see me again and we chatted before sitting back for the take off and flight. At Cape Town airport we went through security, reclaimed our bags and walked through into the airport together, where her friend was waiting for her. She thanked me for being there with her and helping her each step of the journey.
As I walked away, I felt the Holy Spirit pressing on a deeper message for me and the journey before us here in SA. In this Kairos moment or second transition since the end of Apartheid, there are unknowns and uncertainties which we are facing. There are real crises such as the drought and water shortage. We may feel that there is a journey before us that we feel fearful of or dread. I felt the Holy Spirit say that in this moment, God is with us and we need only ask to follow him and God will walk with us and guide us through each step. He will ensure that we reach his plans and purposes if we ask him and depend on him.
Similarly, if we follow Jesus, others can follow us.
I pray that for all of us at CCK, asking to follow and being guided by Jesus will become our life pattern to the extent that we become a blessing and a real source of comfort and guidance for every person and situation in our communities and nation at this time.
I am so grateful for the time that I was gifted as Assistant Minister at CCK and the inspiration that you have been to me.
 Please stay in touch and know that I will be praying for you!
Much love,

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Taryn Galloway, 06/05/2015