CCK Holiday Club
3 July - 7 July 2017

How you can support

CCK is holding a holiday club for children of this beighbourhood in the first week of July Holidays:

It would be wonderful to feel this is a mission for the whole church community.

There will be a team of enthusiastic young people running the club but there is much to be done to support. If you are able to support in any of the following ways, please tick the area in which you can help and fill in your contact details below.

You will then be contacted with details:
Praying for the club
Helping with registration of children on one or more of the 5 mornings (7.45 - 8.30 am)
Providing biscuits for tea time for the children
Serving biscuits and juice
Providing muffins for one of the early morning leaders meetings
Prepare tea and coffee for the morning meetings
Providing (or controbuting towards) a mid morning snack or simple lunch for the the team at midday when the children have left and the team starts preparing for the next day e.g. soup, rolls, hotdogs, burgers, sausage rolls etc.
Giving a donation towards biscuits and joice, or midday meals
Email Address:
Other ways I can help:

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Taryn Galloway, 06/05/2015