Christ Church children's church was established in 1898.

Alison Claassen will be taking over the leadership of this Ministry from 1 June 2019.

Any queries, please don't hesitate to contact them on
(021) 797 6332
about us
  • We are a children’s church, not a school. We are children’s leaders, not their teachers.
  • We believe that children’s experience of church (how they are treated, how they are related to) will form a foundation on which they will build their concept of God.
  • We try at all times to relate to the children in our care with compassion, understanding, empathy and authority. We believe that building loving and trusting relationships is a priority and that a nurtured child is one who is open and receptive to hearing and learning.
  • We teach the good news of Jesus Christ risen and encourage children to become His friend. We try to meet the needs of each child in this regard through age appropriate worship, teaching and activities.
  • We believe children should be seen AND heard, and we expect and encourage the same respect from them.
  • We believe in inter-generational worship and in bonding as one large family at times. We also believe that to meet a wide range of needs it is appropriate to separate into different age groups at other times.
  • We thrive on love, laughter, fun and fellowship. We work hard, pray hard and trust God.
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Christ Church Kenilworth  |  Cnr Summerley & Richmond Road  |  Tel: +27 (021) 797 6332  | E-mail:
Service Times: Sunday Worship  8.00am, 10.00am & 6.30pm  |  Wednesday Service: 10am   | Tuesday Quiet Service: 6.30pm (fortnightly)

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