stepping stones

THE VISION for this group is that it will be a warm, welcoming place, where children are treated as individuals who are special to God. We aim to communicate God's unconditional love for them and to provide a safe, positive introduction to Children's Church and the wider church family

Stepping Stones is the group for children between three and four years old, who are ready for a structured programme with theme-related Bible stories, crafts and activities.
To achieve this there is a stable team of leaders who will get to know these little ones and provide a sense of security and continuity.


The programme takes into account the needs of children of this age for repetition, continuity and acknowledgment of their uniqueness. The themes follow the rhythm of the Christian year with festivals linking to our Jewish roots. Therefore we start in the first term with the emphasis on the child as a unique creation, loved by God. This is followed by the story of how God showed His love for the world by sending His Son. So we tell the story of Jesus from his birth to his death and resurrection. The festival is Passover when we re- enact with the children the last meal Jesus shared with his disciples.
The second term continues with the stories of the encounters with Jesus after the Resurrection and His Ascension. About mid-term coincides with the harvest Festival (Shavouth) and Pentecost.
The third term covers some simple, foundational stories in the Old Testament, starting with Creation and culminating in a celebration of creation, spring and new life, coinciding with the Jewish festival of Rosh Hashanah.
The fourth term starts with stories and parables of Jesus, then the preparation for Advent .


The routine of the morning is kept unchanged, as far as possible from week to week so the children have a sense of security and rhythm.
9.50 -10.10am Children welcomed at the gate, settled at a table with a simple activity .Time to connect and hear news!
10.10- 10.25am "Hello"-circle; Singing; Story time; Prayer (in groups?)
10.25- 10.45am Snack and Free play
10.45- 11.10am Creative activity
±11.10 Closing circle time
Free play or creative activities until I parents come.
An individual loving "goodbye" for each child as they go.
Week Theme
1 Creation I
2 Creation2
3 Creation 3
4 Creation 4
5 Noah's Ark I
6 Noah's Ark 2
7 Baby Moses I
8 Baby Moses 2
9/10     Spring -New life 1 Rosh Hashanah (Birthday of the Worldl) (This may come after the creation series)
Week Theme
1 The Good Shepherd
2 The Good Shepherd (Lost Sheep)
3 Jesus Calms the Storm
4 Jesus feeds the Crowd
5 Advent I: The Prophets
6 Advent 2: Mary and Joseph
7 Advent 3: The Shepherds
8 Advent 4: The Magi
9 Advent 5: The Christ Child

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