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Kiaan Roy (Guest) 16/10/2018 09:40

The alternative is printer redirection, which is also known to cause its share of problems. In this scenario, a local printer is mapped into the remote session so it's visible and accessible to the VDI server via the endpoint device. This, too, relies on multiple steps—including queries for properly named drivers—being completed successfully for a printer to map properly. It's a somewhat abstract process that can be confusing and frustrating to end users who see a desktop and a nearby printer and can't understand why VMware printing doesn't work. Cue the help-desk calls.
Kiaan Roy (Guest) 16/10/2018 09:40
There are several standard solutions to VMware printing issues like the ones we’ve described. First, if you're using VMware View and printer redirection, make sure there isn't a problem with the View agent, which is the vital liaison between the client and server. If that doesn't resolve the issue, proceed to reinstalling the View agent on the machine that's experiencing VMware printing problems. If the printer still does not map properly, stop and restart printer redirection using the following commands: tpautoconnect -d (to stop) followed by tpautoconnect -v (to start).

Kiaan Roy (Guest) 16/10/2018 09:40
For location-based printing, it's most likely that the printer-deployment policies or scripts aren't getting the printers to map correctly. Since these scenarios depend on your use case, it's recommended you review them for conflicts, permissions issues and coding errors.
Kiaan Roy (Guest) 16/10/2018 09:40
Printer designed its Printer Installer to improve operational efficiency and printer control. By using a web-based admin console, self-service installation features, and an unobtrusive end-user client, Printer solves VMware printing-related problems by converting printers to centrally-managed direct-IP printing. This eliminates print servers—and unnecessary WAN traffic.
Kiaan Roy (Guest) 16/10/2018 09:40

Printer does this without complex printer deployment scripts and GPOs. These old-school, cumbersome methods are replaced by the Printer Installer Client, which receives direction from automatic printer-deployment assignments created in the admin console.
Kiaan Roy (Guest) 16/10/2018 09:41

But that’s not all. This combination gives admins full control over printer-driver assignments, while at the same time empowering end users from the client side using the built-in Self-service Installation Portal. End users can easily find a printer nearby and install it with a few clicks.
Sophie (Guest) 23/10/2018 09:57
And as trend organizations based in emerging economies are embracing this trend faster as compared to those based in developed economies.

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